Playing in the rain – a winter kids’ rainwear roundup

Woollen blankets have been pulled out of storage, the weather app on your phone shows seven days of little grey clouds, and spiced pumpkin soup is again a lunchtime staple. There’s no denying it: winter is here.

But even though the days are short and often gloomy, there’s no need for kids to hide inside. We’ve rounded up our favourite wet and cold weather gear that will keep kids playing outside, and fend off that most dangerous of winter illnesses: cabin fever.

You only need to look at the daycare cubbies to know that Skip Hop backpacks are the only backpacks for toddlers in the know. And just in case they didn’t look darling enough with an oversized bee bag strapped to their backs, now you can get the matching Skip Hop raincoat and umbrella.

Wellies two kids in tree

Speaking of footwear, no winter wardrobe is complete without a pair of colourful gumboots. Wellies Online has a huge collection of kids’ rainboots to keep little feet dry, even when they’re jumping about in the biggest of puddles.

French Soda

Melbourne-based French Soda has just the thing to obliterate a grey day: rain gear in bright orange, yellow and green so you can always spot the kids in a crowd.


If the trendsetters on Pinterest are anything to go by, it’s clear the chevron pattern isn’t going anywhere. UK brand, Milk & Biscuits, is capitalising on the print’s staying power with its chevron-printed trench coats and matching rainhats.


If you fancy something that’s a little more chic and a little less playful, there’s rainwear from Frankie and Lola. Designs are the ideal blend of fashion and function: there are waterproof leopard print coats and boots, removable fuzzy faux-fur hoods, and gorgeous, warm green raincoats with lovely striped lining.


What’s more changeable than the weather? The moods of babes. Squid Kids makes amazing colour- and pattern-changing-when-wet gear to suit the most mercurial of pint-sized personalities.

muddy puddles

Sometimes circumstances dictate that the only way to properly enjoy a muddy puddle is to belly flop into it. For those circumstances, we have full body rain protection from Muddy Puddles.

Oobi Raincoat Boys

And just because we love to leave you spoiled for choice, here’s a bonus rainwear option: Oobi’s Splish Splash coats ($49.95) in a range of beautiful patterns.

A wise person once said there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. With this roundup, your kids will be ready for whatever winter brings.

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