Playforever – toy cars to make childhood last forever

Playforever FB

Playforever cars are proof that childish daydreams can come true.

Go back in time 30 years and you would find 11-year-old Julian Meagher, co-founder of Playforever, riding his bike around local carparks, peeking under dust covers to catch glimpses of beautiful sports cars. This fed a passion for exquisite craftsmanship that would lead him to become an industrial designer and recreate the cars in miniature today.

Playforever Mini

Together with Cameron Treeby, also an industrial designer, Julian created Playforever, a company that strives to create peerless toy cars. Playforever cars are art objects as much as they are toys, and would look at home as a decoration on a shelf or racing around the floor of a nursery. Because they choose the best available materials, the cars are beautifully constructed with flawless surfaces, and they’re said to be virtually indestructible. 

We wrote about Playforever a few years ago, and since then they’ve added quite a few new models to the collection. The Speedy Le Mans ($49.99), is a new slick little racer that comes in a range of metallic finishes or in cherry red. It’s named for the 24 hour race near French town Le Mans, which is the world’s oldest, most prestigious sports car race.

Playforever Thunderlane

The Maverick Thunderlane Dean ($93) pays homage to the streets of 1960s New York City. It’s space age and retro all at once, and the cherry red, shiny-as-a-mirror finish is the perfect foil to the cream soft top and chrome fenders.

Playforever Mavericks

The Maverick also comes in a police car model called The Heat ($93). While the colours are a bit unconventional I can’t resist the dove grey and white body with rose gold fenders.

Tickle Your Brains carries Playforever’s new and classic models locally and shipping for orders over $100 is free.

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