Playdate Australia – the app connecting mums


While having a child opens up a whole new world, ironically it can also be very isolating. But in a society where new friends are but a click away, this is the latest way to get in touch with like-minded mums in your area. After all, why should high-tech networking only be the domain of the corporate world?

Playdate Australia is the new kid on the block when it comes to connecting mums, and kids, and has been labelled Tinder for parents. It’s a private platform that allows mums to find other mums in their area with children of the same age, a similar culture and interests.

It’s then up to the mums to set up playdates, or even form a mothers’ group. It’s perfect for mums who have moved to a new area, or don’t have other mums in their circle of friends. Any mother would agree, the support of other mums is incredibly important, both for the parents and children.


You just need an email address or Facebook account to join, and then you’re able to set up a profile. This will help source other mums who may be due at the same time as you, live in the same area or have the same interests. For more information head to Playdate Australia.

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