Play N Wrap hobby mat makes toy tidying a breeze

Play N Wrap hobby mat

Play N Wrap hobby mat

I’m going to tell you the names of two toys, and you have to guess what they have in common. Ready? Lego. And loom bands. Go.

Did you get the answer? It is, of course, toys with lots of little bits that get left all over the house and are slowly driving me insane. I understand that the kids need to spread them out to play with them. I understand that works in progress are extremely precious and I mustn’t pack them all up while anyone is still working on them. But honestly, if I have to pick another loom band out from between my toes…

Of course, you can substitute your own particular toy woes into my list, but relief is at hand with a very simple hobby mat like this one, the Play N Wrap. With a sturdy and large design, it’s easy for the kids to spread everything out, play with it all on the mat, and then pull the drawstring to pack it all away. The combo of navy blue corduroy and red and white ticking fabric is easy on the eye, durable and machine washable. Best of all, it’s affordable – $39.95 will get one right into your hot little hands.

Let the tidy play begin! Check out the hobby mat and buy it directly at Play N Wrap.

Play N Wrap hobby mat

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