This is Play-Doh like you’ve never seen it before

Play Doh Touch creations

When I was a kid, creative playtime often involved some of mum’s homemade playdough. She’d make up a batch of four or five colours, and we’d play with it every day for a week, but by the end, it would be one big browny-green, glittery ball. And then she’d make us a new batch.

I still remember taking a deep whiff of a new batch of playdough, and the joy of kneading a fresh, untouched ball for the first time. The kids over the fence got the fancier store-bought Play-Doh version, and we were always a bit envious of the bright solid colours and smooth consistency (homemade playdough is always that little bit grainy and mottled).

But times have changed, and even the humble, much loved Play-Doh has to keep up with technological advancements and the growing sentiment among kids that “if it’s not on a screen, it doesn’t exist”.

So Play-Doh have brought something to the digital table – a brand new app called Play-Doh Touch that transforms kids’ humble, knobbly, dimpled Play-Doh creations to HD, full-colour animated life on their iPad or tablet.


Basically, you create a cool-looking creature in real life and then photograph it on a white surface (you can buy the official ‘Shape to Life Studio’ but it’s $40 a pop.) The app takes the photo, works its magic and hey presto, the creature is now inside the screen, wobbling around the wacky digital world with other weird looking creatures. It can then run and leap over obstacles, but doesn’t seem to do much more that that.

The app has had mixed reviews so far, with this website saying that while the app is entertaining at first, it quickly fizzles, and fails to appeal to more advanced gamers, which in this day and age could be as young as two years of age.

So, what’s the verdict? Have you tried Play-Doh’s newest venture into the digital world yet?

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