Plasma Car – low riding fun for everyone – yes even you!


This space-age
Plasma Car
(click on this link for a video demonstration) is a surprising product. Not only does it cost a mere $47.50 plus post, it holds a load of up to 100kg, making it
suitable for practically anyone in the family who cares to take it for a low-riding spin!

I saw one of these in action at our local park and both my 3 year old
and I were amazed. Requiring no batteries, the car is propelled
using centrifugal force – put your feet up on the foot pads and wiggle
the steering wheel from left to right.
It’s a safer option for a ride-on as it’s so low to the ground. It’s
also quiet and is manufactured using high quality ABS plastics, making
it hard-wearing no matter who rides it.

The Plasma Car is bound to please with its sleek aerodynamic
design, reminiscent of a futuristic racing car, and is available in a
variety of bright
colours – yellow, red, green, blue and purple. If there’s going to be
squabbles, get the kids to choose a colour each – then the
racing can really begin!

Weighing just 3.6kgs, they’re easily carried by an older child, but
able to be used from age 3. Great
for developing physical co-ordination and balance as well as just being
loads of fun. This is a toy that you buy
for the kids while really knowing it’s for you as well. Of course keep to
smooth, flat surfaces such as those found at the park – ours would get
a good work out on rainy days going up
and down our tiled hallway.

Reading the translated instructions is almost as entertaining as
riding the
car. "With mystic power, wonderful appearance, and congregated by
environment protection, body building, as well as entertaining…"
I couldn’t have summed it up any better!

Available locally from
Tomorrow Concept.
Shipping varies from state to state.

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