Place your bets on Instagram’s cutest big brother – Mosley the rescued greyhound

The greyhound racing ban just announced in New South Wales may soon see plenty of racing dogs needing a new home. While the squabbling continues behind the scenes, a rescued greyhound named Mosley is turning heads for all the right reasons. If you’ve thought – even for a split-second – about saving one of these dogs from death row, you really need to see this.

We’re betting you’ve never seen a gentler greyhound than Mosley, who recently introduced the world to his new baby brother.

He may not be the fastest greyhound around but Mosley the Greyhound certainly is the sweetest. And his adorable antics have taken Instagram by storm, especially with the introduction of the newest family member, baby Lucas.

As a former racing hound known as Phish out of Wheeling, Mosley joined his forever family, Andrea and Scott Merrihew, when he was four years old. The pup was naturally shy and struggled with affection, like many rescue dogs do.

However, after the first few months with his family, Mosley has come out of his shell and shown the world his sweet personality.

Talk about your embarrassing family photos!

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

And his love of awkward family photos.

The couple have started an Instagram page dedicated to the adorable Mosley, whose thin frame and handsome eyes make him the perfect candidate for Instafame.

Pleading my case to get on the couch. I lost. 😔

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

Mosley enjoys wearing ridiculous outfits, making cute faces and lounging around the house.

I donno what a peach is I’m just here for the treat I was promised!

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

Mosley was even there to announce the upcoming arrival of the newest addition to the family.

I received some news this weekend that I’ll only be the favorite son for a few more months. 😳😂

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

He was also the perfect candidate for the couple’s clever gender reveal.

Just a couple of guys who’re up to no good. 😏

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

The Merrihews were a little concerned about how Mosley would react to the new family member, who joined them two weeks ago, but so far, Mosley has been the perfect protective big brother, watching with wide eyes over baby Lucas.

Someone must have thrown one hell of a party. 🐆🐎👶🏼🐅

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

They even seem to have mastered the fine art of timed naps, and are joined by the family’s pet cats, Seagram and Stanley.

Just clocked in for babysitting duty.

A photo posted by Mosley (@mosleythegreyhound) on

The bond between dogs and children really is incredible and we cannot wait to see how this one develops.

For more information about the greyhound racing ban, check in with the RSPCA, which is already offering rescued greyhounds for adoption in NSW.

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(via Instagram)

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