Pixel Organics – new to Australia


Babyology is giving you the heads-up on a new brand from the USA that’s about to hit our shores through
Cinnamon Bear. From my favourite kimono-style tops right through to
bedding, Pixel Organics has something exquisite for your baby or home that doesn’t leave a huge environmental footprint.

I’ve completely flipped for the “Lions, Tigers & Kitties . . . Oh
My!” bed linen. This beautiful
bedding is totally unisex in shades of orange and yellow. It’s
made from pesticide and herbicide-free 220 thread count cotton, and the
printing is done with low-impact dyes.

Check out the 70s retro “Supercharged” bed sets with cool ‘Tyre-tread’ sheets. They’ll love the idea that a Valiant Charger has
driven right over their beds! Pixel Organics caters for most types of children’s beds with three sizes to choose from – crib,
toddler bed and single. Neat!

The clothes are sweet and chic – I love the green kimono top and
birdbath onseie in melon. There are many colours to choose from, and
co-ordinating pants are available so the unusual colours won’t be hard
to team up. I often buy a lovely piece in a unique shade, then
discover I’ve got nothing to go with it. I’ve started to shop smarter
now and don’t scrimp by buying half an outift.

The onesies come
in 2-packs for colour co-ordinated outfit changes when the pants are
fine but the top needs to go.

Go green, go organic with Pixel Organics. Available soon through
Cinnamon Bear.


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