Pintoy Baby Gym – because simple things really are the best

Babies don’t need toys with lots of fancy bells and whistles. And they certainly don’t need flashing lights and annoying sound effects. Not at all. What babies need is something simple that will grab their attention and work those newly emerging motor skills without driving everyone else within earshot mad.

That’s why we like these new baby gyms from classic toymakers Pintoy. They do have a bell – but it’s the tinkly, completely un-annoying kind. There’s absolutely no overstimulating flashing lights, no battery-guzzling rotating toys and no grate-on-your-nerves music.

What there is instead is just a classic and lovely-to-look-at wooden toy that’s in impeccable taste and won’t leave you wishing for a hammer to smash it to smithereens after enduring a too-tinny version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one too many times! Oh, and baby will like it too!

Suitable for babies up to five months old, the toys and mirror can be made to hang higher or lower, depending on the age of your little one. Like it? Of course you do. You can get one from Eco Toys for $99.95 plus $8.95 postage.

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