Pink’s on the road with 2 kids, hubby Carey and his GUN – and fans are worried

Pink and Carey with gun

Carey Hart is married to pop star Pink, and while it might seem that fans know a lot about this high-profile couple, the surprising fact that the dad-of-two carries a gun and a knife has divided followers.

“Pocket dump”

Carey and Pink have two great kids together – 6-year-old daughter Willow and 1-year-old son Jameson – and they’re on the road at the moment promoting Pink’s upcoming Beautiful Trauma tour.

The pair have been sharing lots of shots of their busy and fun-filled life, but a photo that Carey posted yesterday has many followers on tenterhooks, as they question the wisdom of carrying weapons, especially when there are small children in the mix. The image Carey posted to Instagram yesterday (above) shows his “pocket dump” aka all the stuff he pulls out when he empties his pockets. A cup of coffee sits beside other items – his wallet, a knife and a gun.

“Morning pocket dump when I’m not in California,” he posted alongside the pic.

We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the safety of this pocket dump – or others Carey might make – but with US stats that tell us “1,297 children die (two children per 100,000) and 5,790 are treated for injuries caused by guns each year,” the idea of guns and kids coexisting makes us sit up and take notice.

Culture shock

It’s hard to fathom, from Australia, how ingrained the right to “keep and bear arms” is in many Americans. But this image is pretty much the embodiment of the idea that carrying a weapon, apparently to protect yourself and your family, seems necessary for some.

Carey’s (and we presume Pink’s) followers are passionately debating whether this dad is sending the right message to his kids and followers – and if he is entitled, and even smart, to carry a gun. Or whether he’s promoting firearms and setting up a dangerous situation/worrying example for his kids.

It’s a brain-hurty choice that many of us would never imagine having to make as parents, and highlights the lengths some US parents will go to, in the hopes of keeping their family safer.

Whether having a gun on hand is keeping your family safer is the question, here, as we know the often tragic consequences of firearms falling into the hand of kids.


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Better safe than sorry?

Many followers and commenters supported Carey’s choice and were pleased he shared the image.

“Let him protect his family as long as he is not using it to harm others it’s no one else business!” one person wrote.

“Are you kidding me you follow his Instagram and you don’t see what an awesome parent he is and how he watches for his children every single day he’s not a dumb person I can guarantee he has spoken to Willow about safety and guns,” another supporter said.

“It’s a great example to show your children that good people and protect themselves and know how to use a firearm correctly,” a commenter posted.

“You’re a good man, father and husband. That means at all costs,” another said, ominously.

“Guns cause harm”

But many others were alert and indeed alarmed, concerned about the consequences of carrying weapons around children.

“For me, this looks pretty damn scary,” one fan posted.

“Hopefully you’re not pocket dumping in kids reach… 😔” a fan wrote.

“I do not think this is an example to show children,” one follower posted.

“I think you’re great, you look after and love your wife, love your kids unconditionally but can not agree with your gun stand. Guns cause harm.”

Does the idea of carrying firearms around kids make your brain hurt, too? Are you surprised that Carey and Pink travel like this, or do you think it’s warranted?


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