Pink on marriage “I don’t hand my wedding ring back every night like I used to”


Ahead of her upcoming 2018 Beautiful Trauma tour, Pink spoke to 60 Minutes about the challenges of marriage and the tricky task of raising two kids.

Earned their stripes

Pink and husband Carey Hart are parents to 6-year-old Willow and 9-month-old Jameson and they’re taking the whole family on tour next year. They’re gearing up for those dates with some revealing and relatable pre-ticket sale chatter.

Thirteen years into a relationship full of peaks and troughs, Pink told 60 Minutes that despite their respective vulnerabilities, they’re getting much, much better at the whole marriage thing.

“I’m an enabler, that’s what I am, because I’m awesome,” she told 60 Minutes. “We have learnt the art of communication.”

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“I don’t hand my wedding ring back”

Pink says her response to conflict is way less volatile than it once might have been.

“I don’t hand my wedding ring back every night like I used to. That was just dumb and I can’t actually get it off, so…” she laughed.

When it comes to how they fight the battles they do have, Pink says she’s all about the detail – and wearing Carey down.

“I will lawyer the shit out of him, I take it to court and I want to talk about each little point before I move on. He just gives up.”

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I mean…. 😍❤️😍 #vmas

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Off the cuff

Quizzed about how her much-lauded speech about acceptance and diversity at the VMAs came about, Pink said it was a do-over and was fairly unplanned, but turned out great.

“I had written a speech, which I am terrible at, and Carey was like ‘that’s awful, you can’t say any of that’. So I threw that one out. I think I burned it.”

Instead she spoke off the cuff, admitting she didn’t expect it to “be a blip on anyone else’s radar.” Of course it brought the house down because it was candid and sincerity-packed.

(For what it’s worth, Willow was apparently totally unimpressed by her mum’s wise words!)

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Tour bus Life

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Willow warfare

Pink also revealed Willow took a little time to get used to the family’s latest addition, baby Jameson, but that her 6-year-old brain soon realised she could leverage his arrival and things turned around.

“It was rough. She’s into psychological warfare. She’s smart and mean. She looked at me with crocodile tears one day and said ‘I never thought I’d have to beg you for a cuddle’,” she laughs.

“I was like “argh, my heart it’s at the bottom of the pool. It’s drowning!”

Pink’s own mum had apparently been wishing her daughter would catch a dose of her own medicine when she had a family, and her wish 100 percent came true.

“[My mom] always wished me a daughter just like me, and then, when she was three she looked at me and said ‘oh honey, even for you that’s early’ and I was like ‘I know, she’s really scary!’ But she’s awesome. She’s a really good kid.”

“We don’t say mean things”

Pink’s parenting philosophy and approach to discipline are kind of genius in their simplicity.

“I’m prepared [for parenting]. As long as they’re not being shits,” she laughed, explaining that the family mantra is a simple one:

“We don’t say things we don’t mean. And we don’t say mean things.”

When asked what Willow and Jameson would have to do to rebel, she said, “play chess and go to school all day, every day!”

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And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak

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Pink’s been a vocal breastfeeding advocate, posting pics of herself feeding both Willow and Jameson to Instagram quite frequently. She’s got a straightforward approach to ignorant trolls who try to shame her for breastfeeding, saying “I just ask them if they need a hug and maybe they didn’t get them when they were children.”

Pink reveals Carey’s also had something to say about her boobs – often witnessing the real life breast pumping depicted in that funny-because-it’s-true photo she posted recently.

“Carey’s like ‘What’s happening for you right now? Does that hurt?’ I’m like ‘Yeah, kinda hurts. I’m being milked!” she laughed.

Pink’s 2018 tour tickets are on sale very, very soon, so check in with her if you want to see her in the flesh and witness her genius live.

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