Piggy Paint – nailpolish for pint-sized people


A lot of little girls want to be just like Mum and spend hours trying on your shoes and clothes. Some of our best childhood photos are of us doing exactly the same thing – me in Mum’s ’70s cork-heeled platforms wearing large Mu Mu-style dresses extending into a long train behind me. I also liked to have my toenails freshly painted and looking glam, but nailpolish isn’t a substance I want my kids having too much exposure to, with all its harsh chemicals and harmful fumes.

Melanie Hurley, mother of two polish-loving little girls, is the bright spark who invented Piggy Paint. When one of her daughters accidentally spilt conventional nailpolish onto a plastic plate, she saw the way it bubbled and eventually ate through the plastic. The hunt was then on for the perfect recipe for nailpolish especially for kids, who don’t have the knowledge or motor skills to handle polish the way toxic substances need to be handled.

Piggy Piant is non-toxic, odourless, and environmentally friendly. It’s ‘as natural as mud’, using a water-based formula which dries to a durable finish. Now your little people can paint their nails to their hearts’ content, and you can all breathe easy!

Piggy Paint will ship internationally. Each bottle is US$9.99, with gift packs of three different colours available for $26.50. There is also toxin-free nailpolish remover for $10.50 plus shipping.

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