The amazing photo ending the bottle vs breastfeeding debate for good

It’s a message everyone needs to know – when it comes to feeding an infant, there is no right (or wrong) way to do it.

It took 21 mums, 22 babies, two photographers, a beautiful forest backdrop and a whole lot of patience to get this message across. But it’s a stunning way to share an important message, especially in our society where shaming mums for their feeding choice appears to be the norm.

Breastfeeding is good. Bottle feeding is good. But you know what’s best for bub? Being fed.

And, after years of feeling guilt for not being able to breastfeed her first child, one photographer in America has captured this message in a stunning photo shoot.

fed is best image

Las Vegas portrait photographer Abbie Fox recently shared her photo and her story on her Facebook page in honour of World Breastfeeding Week at the beginning of August.

Abbie, who is mum to Maverick, now six and Georgia, four, was only able to breastfeed Maverick for a few months and, although her family was supportive, others were not. She was shamed into thinking she didn’t try hard enough and that she wasn’t doing the right thing for her son. It’s something many mums who cannot (or choose not) to breastfeed feel.

abbie 3

“I actually had so much mum guilt that when people would ask me if I was nursing I’d lie and they would always respond ‘Good, breastfed is best’,” Abbie tells Babyology. With time the shame went away but last year, during World Breastfeeding Week, when the breastfeeding images were flooding social media, Abbie had an idea.

“I had always wanted to do a nursing session. I feel like they are always so beautiful. But I also thought us bottle fed mamas are always left out. Isn’t how we feed our children beautiful too?”

World Breastfeeding Week is all about normalising breastfeeding but it’s important that society sees “bottle feeding is OK and just as healthy. So my thought behind this session was to remind the world that Fed is Best.”

A simple call-put on her Facebook page led to 21 mothers and their bubs coming along for a stunning photo shoot. Draped in dresses made by Taopan, Sew Trendy Accessories,and by Abbie herself, the ladies assembled in a forest to share in a feeding session.

abbie photography 1

“We had ladies nursing one baby, one mama had twins and was nursing. We had ladies bottle feeding formula and bottle feeding breast milk.”

The response from the image has overwhelmed Abbie who has been contacted by mums thanking her for sharing this powerful photo and an important message.

“I’m glad we were able to bring these women together and create this piece of work that has touched quite a few people,” Abbie tells us. It’s so important for mums to stick together, to remain united and to understand that no matter what the circumstances, fed is best.

You can check out all of her stunning photography at Foxy Photography website, Facebook page or Instagram account.

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(images via Foxy Photography)

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