Photographer creates magical window into children’s minds

The imagination of a child is like nothing else. Their little heads are filled with infinite possibilities, new worlds and a whole different reality plane. These images are a combination of what children have dreamt up, and the talents of a photographer. They’re a window into a world that we usually never get to see.


Mum of four, photographer Rhiannon Logsdon has created a photo series that gives legs to those beautiful thoughts in children’s minds. She incorporates a mix of imagination and Photoshop, to bring to life the beauty of a child’s thoughts.


She asks her little subjects what they imagine, what they dream about, the adventures they go on in their minds.


Then Rhiannon literally gives their dreams wings.


From animal encounters, sea-bound adventures, even riding atop a triceratops. Just imagine when these children actually see their dreams become reality!


Rhiannon says, “It’s not hard for them to imagine fighting a dragon or sitting with a bear, they have amazing imaginations! Their expressions when they see the end result is the best though, it’s so exciting for them.”


She says the series is about capturing that fleeting time when children’s innocence allows their imaginations to run wild, “Childhood is precious and fast, gone in the blink of an eye. Enjoy your children, listen to their stories, encourage their imagination because we can learn so much from them. I know I do”.


(via Huffington Post)

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