Photographer brilliantly brings Lego minifigs to life


Who knew those curious little minifigs get up to so much mischief? Come and take a look at the brilliant photos this French photographer takes of Lego figurines getting up to all sorts of weird and wonderful adventures.


Previously enamoured with taking photos of extreme sports, photographer Samsofy says thanks to the influence of geek culture, his “artistic process is now focused around small yellow characters”.



He brings to life all manner of minifigs, in situations and locations that are completely unexpected. It’s something he calls Legographie.


Samsofy says sometimes the meaning behind the image is political, sometime satirical and, at other times, poetic.



He manages to find environmental settings that perfectly suit certain Lego characters, and at other times the minifigs are completely juxtaposed – like Star Wars meets E.T.



I love that while Samsofy’s images are incredibly composed and thought-out, kids can also give this sort of art a go, albeit in a much simpler form. They can explore their surroundings, and find suitable spots to create their own minifig scenes. So show the kids this post and get them inspired!


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