The photo that says what all men are thinking (and feeling) during labour

Childbirth can be an incredibly terrifying and painful experience. And, as it turns out, not just for mums. One photo of a dad-to-be experiencing his daughter’s birth has proven that pain is part of the process for both parents.

Clenched jaw. 5 o’clock shadow. Wide eyes projecting pure terror. Broken hand.

These are the classic signs of a father-to-be. And Jive Ria nails the look to perfection.

dad labour terror

Last week Brisbane mum Alisha Baxter posted a photo of her partner Jive, 26, in the midst of the pivotal moment in labour – the crowning. While Alisha grasps her partner’s hand for support, Alisha’s cousin manages to snap a photo of the father-to-be in action.

And the look on his face is priceless. It’s somewhere between sheer terror and intense pain. And we love it.

Jive admits to The Daily Mail that he was extremely nervous during the birth of his daughter, Blakely. And, as supportive partners know, his hand is clearly taking the brunt of the suffering.

“Us blokes go through a lot of pain as well. As you can see in my face haha,” Jive commented on the picture.

Alisha posted her labour shot to TODAY’s Facebook page and several other mums have shared similar shots of their husbands during labour, especially of their swollen hands.  It seems the broken finger conundrum is a common one.

As is sleeping.

dad labour3

And playing with the doctor’s equipment.

dad labour2

And eating a pie.

dad labour 4
Yet, as one dad puts it, “My hand will never be the same. But it was worth it.”

Yep. That’s pretty much how we mums feel too. But about our entire bodies.

For all dads about to embark on the labour journey, make sure you read our 15 things not to do while your partner is in labour.

And as Jive has shown us, watching baby crown definitely makes the list.

(via Facebook)

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