Photo of expressed breast milk gives new meaning to the phrase “liquid gold”

If you ever needed proof that a mother’s breast milk has magical healing powers, then this one simple image is it.

Two bags of expressed milk, pumped from the same mother, only hours apart. So why is the milk white in one bag and yellow in the other?

Because breast milk is amazing, that’s why.

So yall.. This is just cuckoo awesome– I read an article from a medical journal not too long ago about how Mom's milk…

Posted by Mallory Smothers on Sunday, 14 February 2016

As Mallory Smothers, the mum who posted this photo to her Facebook page, suggests, the reasoning behind the drastic change of colour comes down to the well-being of her breastfed daughter.

The white breast milk was pumped in the evening. Mallory then spent most of the night feeding her sick infant. She expressed the yellow milk in the morning.

“[A mum’s] body will actually change the milk’s immunological composition. . . . look at how much more the milk I produced Friday resembles colostrum (the super milk full of antibodies and leukocytes you make during the first few days after birth) and this comes after nursing the baby with a cold all night long,” Mallory explains in her post.

A recent article in the medical journal, Clinical and Translational Immunology, backs Mallory’s claim, stating, there is a “strong association between the health status of the mother/infant dyad and breastmilk leukocyte levels.”

Yes, that’s right – we mums can actually produce magical healing liquid gold.  Need even more proof that mothers are amazing creatures? Check out some of the other super powers all mums possess. 

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