PhillUp – the world’s first hangable kids’ cup


I can hear parents across the globe letting out a collective sigh as they lay eyes on this cup. Simple it may be, but it saves so much washing up. An end to the dirty cup pile-up – hallelujah! By the way, this cup also helps foster independence in children – but we thought the less washing part was of utmost importance. Come and see where you can grab one… or ten…

We all know how annoying it can be to constantly be asked for a drink – almost as annoying as the never-ending pile of cups in the sink. This product eliminates all of that, and helps kids learn to be a little more independent.


In the short time between discovering this brilliant idea on Kickstarter, and writing up this post, the PhillUp cup has smashed its funding goal. So that means a first production will go ahead, and if you’re quick you can snatch up the last few pledge places, which will give you a discount on the cup – it’s a win-win!


Of course we knew this would be a brilliant product when we saw Puj is behind it – we’ve previously featured the brilliant Puj Tub. This latest offering – the PhillUp cup, is truly genius. A simple suction hook attaches to the fridge or any smooth surface, and the cup hangs on the hook via a loop.


The hook attaches using 3M adhesive, so there’s no concern with damaging the surface when you want to remove it. The cup is made from silicone and food-safe, non-leaching polypropylene. And it’s dishwasher safe. I’m not seeing any negatives here!

As mentioned before, if you want to grab a PhillUp cup at a discounted price, get over to Kickstarter before February 14. If you pledge US$8 or more you get one PhillUp and hook set, or for US$15 or more you can get two. For US$30 you can snap up a family set, which includes four cups and hooks, and of course postage to Australia is on top of those prices.

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