Petite Soul – bringing baby bonnets back


Back in the day, baby bonnets graced the heads of almost every baby being wheeled down the street. The vintage charm of baby bonnets is back in a big way, thanks to this brand’s stylish re-imagining of a classic.

Besides looking adorable, there are plenty of practical elements to the humble baby bonnet – not the least of which is sun protection that remains in place, regardless of where your child turns their head. And then, of course, there’s the cute-factor!



Petite Soul, based in New York City, has released a gorgeous range of baby bonnets, made from breathable cotton, in classic prints and solid colours. And baby-wearers will love these bonnets – there’s no need to worry about hat brims awkwardly knocking into your chest while you’re wearing a baby in a carrier.


The bonnets come in a Classic style, which are designed for girls, as well as Bandits, which are unisex. They cost US$20, and are available directly from Petite Soul.


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