Petit Collage – vintage nursery art with a modern twist

It’s a fine balancing act to find the perfect mix of vintage charm and modern chic. Expert in the clever juxtaposition is the crafty Petit Collage.

The latest range from this Babyology favourite is a selection of Jumbo Prints. The graphic panels feature striking graphics printed directly onto FSC-certified solid birch wood. The beauty of the timber is allowed to speak, with the grain showing through the finished product.

The handmade collage jumbo art comes in three adorable graphic panels: Bird Family, Elephant Family and Petit Animal Town. The Bird Family has a child-like charm, with hues of orange and yellow creating a striking image.

The Elephant Family is beautiful in its simplicity, while the Petit Animal Town is much more bold and colourful – with a host of friendly creatures just waiting to be discovered.

At around sixty centimetres by ninety centimetres, these prints are statement pieces – but in a most understated way. They exude calm and tranquillity, with muted pallets, interspersed with a few bold inclusions.

Each Jumbo Print is US$220, and Petit Collage ship to Australia.

We’ve previously covered some of this charming American art, so if you’ve fallen head over heels for Petit Collage, have a look at our posts on Petit Collage bamboo mobiles and alphabet posters, wall decals and art.

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