The pet salon that will make your dog or cat look like a dinosaur (yes, you read that right)

Because, who wouldn’t want a cat that resembles a stegosaurus?

And this, mums and dads, is just the first picture in a series of pet transformations that you have to see to believe. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

pet salon12

Getting your animal groomed is a common ritual pretty much everywhere around the world, but one salon in Taiwan has taken the fine art of pet grooming to the extreme. And pet owners are absolutely loving it!

pet salon9

The pet grooming salon called Igogo and located in Tainan, Taiwan, has become the talk of the town and a Facebook sensation after posting images of these animal-inspired fur cuts.

Business is booming, according to salon owner Ou Shih-jou, a former hairdresser who now runs the popular pet palace.

pet salon2

According to Ou, the salon is able to achieve any design a pet owner desires, as long as their pet has enough fur for the groomers to work with. One of the most popular cuts, known as the Stegosaurus, stemmed from the idea that when a cat gets angry, the fur on its back stands up.

“It [makes the cat] look like a small dinosaur. The owners were happy after they came back to see it, thinking it was quite creative,” Ou explains.

And Dino Kitty isn’t the only popular request over in Crazy Petville (whoops, I mean Taiwan).

pet salon6

There is also Hello Doggy, the furry variation of Hello Kitty.

pet salon5

The service includes a shampoo and rinse followed by a style of the owner’s choice. And there are plenty to choose from, like Furry Lion Butt.

pet salon13

Or perhaps you would like to honour Creedence Clearwater Revival with a Susie Q type of hairdo for your dog?

pet salon8

This cat looks extremely pleased to be the new face of luxury car model Lexus.

pet salon7

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Some dogs wear it on their bums

pet salon11

But others choose to have a fictional character sitting on their rear. Mickey Mouse looks quite content.

pet salon3

And then there are the owners who choose to honour their favourite basketball players. Because nothing spells out your love for a sport quite like having a silhouette of Air Jordan etched into your pup.

pet salon10

And while the salon owner, Ou Shih-jou is happy to style your pet’s fur in any way, shape or form, dyeing your animal’s fur is off the table. Because, clearly, that would be weird.

Are you pawsitively creeped out? Or overly impressed? Either way, we have to admit that this profession certainly takes skill! The Igogo Facebook page has several other designs for dogs (and cats) on display, including bows, elephants, tribal symbols, clovers and Snoopy.

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(via Mashable)

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