Pesky pee: Nifty new product cleverly fights bladder leakage in women

Woman holding hands in front of self

A clever device supports pesky dysfunctional pelvic floors and helps avoid light bladder leakage and Stress Induced Urinary Incontinence (SUI). 

Pervasive problem

A whopping one in three women suffer from SUI and the majority of those women don’t seek help to deal with it, perhaps too embarrassed to voice their concern.  
While new mums are definitely on the frontline of this unwelcome damp issue, women from all walks of life – especially athletes – are living with this pesky problem too. (Apparently, a staggering 47 percent of women who exercise leak.)
It’s fair to say that if YOU are dealing with a leaky bladder you are not alone, and it does not indicate some kind of character flaw! It’s in fact a super common condition women deal with – and thankfully there are ways to treat it.
Get ready to pack the pads away!

Goodbye wee!

Pelvic floor exercises are often suggested when women are having issues with bladder leakage, but there are other approaches you might not know about, too. 
A new latex-free device, for instance, promises to put a stop to potential pants-wetting incidents. Its clever design cradles weak pelvic floors and/or prolapsed bladders and stops those annoying trickles – or indeed flood gates bursting forth.

It’s called the Confidant and it’s a small, flexible device that, when folded and inserted into the vagina like a tampon, supports the bladder and thus prevents annoying leaks.

This will come as welcome news to women who are wearing a weary frown with a pad tucked into their knickers – or avoiding exercise altogether.

The Confidant comes in three sizes and costs $49.95 for one device – or $99 for a multi-size three pack (so you can determine the most comfortable and effective size for you.)

They have a lifespan of around four months and can be worn for up to 24 hours before being removed, washed and used again.

Confidant pessary

“Bladder prolapse”

Fitness enthusiast Caitlin Langford says the device holds up to some pretty rigorous challenges, and works beautifully.

“I had bladder prolapse post baby and it was awful. In the scheme of prolapses, it wasn’t that bad, but for a runner, it was pretty much the worst thing that could happen.” Caitlin explains.

“I’ve been using my Confidant this time around for about six weeks. OMG! Massive difference in my ability to perform high impact movements. It affects my confidence and my performance. I feel supported, I feel held in, and there is no bladder leakage. Zero! Nada! I love it.”

Confidant pessary - folded

Dysfunctional pelvic floor

Mum-of-two and founder of Confidant, Aasha Venning, says she began using the the helpful device when pelvic floor exercises were not resolving her own pelvic floor challenges.

“I founded Confidant after my own struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction and the realisation that there are better alternatives to the padding problem. After the birth of my second child, I was not able to engage in high impact physical activity without suffering light bladder leaks,” Aasha explains.

“I had done all the usual pelvic floor exercises and still the issue was not resolving itself. My physio suggested the use of a pessary such as Confidant for sport and it was instant relief!”

Anything that can solve this demoralising and damp problem for women gets our vote of confidence.

Or vote of Confidant, even.

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