Percy and His Amazing Box of Disguises – a loveable tale of trickery

Percy and his Amazing Box of Disguises

He’s funny, furry, heroic and oh-so-cute. In this irresistible picture book by Sally Anna Garland, kids are introduced to Percy Pimpernel. Percy is a small rabbit with an enormous heart who becomes, like the Scarlet Pimpernel before him, a true master of the art of disguise. In Percy and His Amazing Box of Disguises, the creative hijinks are a complete riot, and Percy’s final disguise, utterly adorable.

Percy and his Amazing Box of Disguises
As my six-year-old righteously informed me before she read this book aloud, “rabbits are the masters of cheekiness.” She was right on the mark when it comes to Percy Pimpernel. In the story, Percy takes it upon himself to rescue the animals that live in the small house at the bottom of the hill. With determination in his stride, he equips himself with the necessary gear to get the job done, from curious moustaches to luscious blond locks. But was he too hasty in his rescue mission? Did he consider all the facts?

Percy and his Amazing Box of DisguisesPercy and His Amazing Box of Disguises is a gorgeous picture book, packed with classic illustrations that had my daughter giggling all over the place. I loved that this entertaining story helps kids to understand that, despite our best intentions, it’s important to consider how our actions affect others. Other themes of friendship, resourcefulness and understanding make Percy’s antics a fabulous conversation starter with little ones.

You can pick up a hardback copy of Percy and His Amazing Box of Disguises from Five Mile Press.

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