People are slamming pregnant Khloe Kardashian for all the wrong reasons

Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian shared a photo of her sister Khloe on Instagram, a few days ago, and the internet promptly erupted in a sort of tornado of outrage.

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shmoney moves

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Unleash the outrage

There is nothing the internet loves more than giving someone else a good telling off, and this throwback photo of Khloe was a red rag to a bull. If you’re catching up, Khloe is 6-months-pregnant, expecting her first child with basketball star, Tristan Thompson.

The image in question features Khloe smoking, goofing-off and talking on a ‘money phone’, accompanied by her best friend Malika. A hefty amount of bundled bills are front-and-centre in the shot.

The lack of baby bump is a pretty good indicator that Khloe is not smoking while she’s pregnant, as is her general attitude to peak health over the last couple of years. (Hello Revenge Body!) It’s an old photo, to be clear. 

Call-out culture

But the vintage status of the pic did not stop the call-out crew. Instead, they were very quick to pile-on Khloe and educate her on pregnancy health. Because facts, schmacts. The shaming came thick and fast – and with plenty of venom.

“Wtf shese pargnent and smoking!?!?!?” one wrote. Oka-aaaa-yyyyy. What?

“Smoking while prego? Really!? Nice role model n you were the one I actually liked. Please explain,” another demanded.

“Girl u gonna kill ur baby,” some heartless bugger wrote. Um. No. Stop.

Others berated Kourtney Kardashian for not stepping in and defending her sister, or explaining the photo was old. Even though it was obvious that the photo was old. Some people just relish the chance to be nasty to a Kardashian, it would seem.

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❥ Mom and Dad ❥

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Pile-on pack

This very public attack on Khloe is yet another reminder that we really need some sort of code of conduct when it comes to calling others out in this way.

This shaming culture transcends the Kardashians and has spilled over to make pretty much every high-profile woman (and some less famous) who uses social media a target.

Khloe’s tussle comes hot on the heels of the recent “slide-shaming” of Chrissy Teigen (how can that even be a thing?!) and follows the “cooking-dinner-shaming” of pop star Pink, the “critically-ill-child-shaming” of Kim Kardashian, the “bump-shaming” of The Duchess of Cambridge, and the “lip-kiss-shaming” of Olivia Wilde and Hilary Duff. To name but a few.

All this shaming is further proof that some compassion, critical thinking and commonsense will go a long way towards making social media a better place.

Think about it. Do we really need hundreds of people piping up with the same angry messages, every time they decide a high-profile mum has slipped-up? No. No we don’t. 

Here’s some things to consider before joining the pile-on pack and calling someone out in their comments:

  1. Have you got the correct facts about the situation and circumstances on hand? 
  2. Has someone else already pointed out the “problem”? If so, stand down. The job is done.
  3. Could the “problem” be better communicated privately? In an email or direct message?
  4. If raising an issue publicly, are you able to do it respectfully?
  5. Are you trying to be helpful, or just feel superior?

Let’s lead the charge, and change the way we respond to public slip-ups.

And let’s agree this is an OLD PHOTO of Khloe.

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