Mums are outraged over Kate Hudson’s “lazy” c-section comment and we get it

Kate Hudson

An ill-conceived response by actor Kate Hudson when asked about the laziest thing she’s ever done has upset and offended a lot of people. Here’s why:


The regrettable incident was sparked by a recent interview Kate did with Cosmopolitan magazine. Kate answered a bunch of varied questions posed by the popular women’s magazine, but it was her “lazy confession” that has people up in arms.

Kate answered the question “what’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done?” with the response “have a c-section!” Disappointment, analysis and confusion (quite rightly) ensued.

Kate is mum to 13-year-old Ryder and 6-year-old Bingham. She shared the Cosmo cover on Instagram a week or so ago. Critics began responding to her c-section views in the comments section of that upload.

Kate Hudson Cosmo interview


In the internet’s usual “all or nothing” spirit, some people have instantly written Kate off, feeling her comment was ignorant and insensitive.

“I used to love , but I lost all respect for her. I have had 2 c-sections out of necessity, so not lazy, took months to recover,” a Twitter user commented.

“I had five caesareans and all of them were horrendous and left me feeling like l’d been beaten and torn. What an entitled thing to say,” a mum on Instagram said.

“Even if it was elective for no medical reason, major abdominal surgery and giving birth still isn’t the laziest thing any human being has ever done. Really, you’ve never skipped brushing your teeth, stayed in PJs all day, ordered out for multiple meals, fed your kids cereal cause you didn’t feel like cooking, wore the same shirt two days in a row. Literally any of those mundane things require less effort and are lazier than a major surgery,” another commenter said.

“Very irresponsible to say such a thing. C-sections are performed to save the lives of the mothers and/or their unborn child,” a follower pointed out.

Out of context?

Some people thought she was speaking only about her own c-section and the motivations behind it, though it’s hard to imagine a self-aware person classing a surgical procedure and the ensuing recovery as lazy, we admit.

“She wrote lazy for her!! Some women CHOOSE to have a c-section out of convenience. I had 3 c-sections for medical reasons,” a Kate fan posted.

“It’s her body to do with how she damn well pleases,” another woman said.

“It’s her opinion of her experience! All this whining!!”

Waiting on Kate

Kate hasn’t yet clarified her comments on the ease of c-section births, but we really, really hope she does. Perhaps she regrets saying this, now that she’s had time to ponder the fall-out?

The fact remains that a c-section is a major surgical procedure. For some women it’s a planned procedure. For others its a potentially life-saving unexpected intervention. 

We can’t imagine any circumstance where it’s “lazy” or “the easy way out” – and suspect anyone who suggests it might have their own insecurities about what a “successful birth” might entail.

Did you have a c-section? How do you feel when people – wrongly – suggest it’s a lazy option?


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