People are “bump shaming” pregnant Duchess Kate and what is WRONG with them?

The young royals

As if Hyperemesis Gravidarum wasn’t enough to contend with, some judgemental people are criticising Kate’s hard won baby bump and body-shaming the still recovering expectant young royal.

Welcome back, Kate!

Kate and Prince William are expecting their third child in 2018, a brother or sister for the pair’s 4-year-old son Prince George and 2-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte. The Duchess has been bedridden with the crippling condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum since the pregnancy was announced last month.

With this in mind, many of us were pleased that Kate seemed to be on her way to feeling better earlier this week. Photos from Tuesday’s royal engagement confirmed that she is a total – and very pretty – trouper.

Others, however, begged to differ. Because… the internet. These people chose to spend their time closely and meanly scrutinising the Duchess’ appearance, and firing off allegations about why she looks the way she does.

Enter the trolls

Not content to celebrate the happiness of another family, they instead published spiteful comments alleging Kate’s bump was too small, that she had an eating disorder, that she’d used botox to enhance her appearance, that her style was horrible and that she was faking her Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Here’s some examples of their choice work:

“She doesn’t look amazing. She is an emaciated severely malnourished anorexic. She also has a severe botox addiction. There is no such thing as morning sickness the media claimed she had. It is physically impossible to grow a healthy baby and be as malnourished as she is,” one charming follower wrote.

“Kate Botox,” another posted snidely.

“When Catherine admits publicly she is an anorexic and has a severe eating disorders only then I will take her mental health campaign seriously,” an Instagram user dictated.

“So she uses HG as an excuse not to work but is suddenly well enough for a fun reception?” someone else wrote.

There were others, too: “She’s so thin,” “Really, Is she pregnant?”, “Lately her dresses are awful….” and the list goes on.

It’s never okay

Let’s stop expecting women in the public eye to conform to mysterious standards of perfection, and just celebrate the good things they do. It’s really not our job to comment on other peoples’ bodies or speculate about their mental health, especially when they’ve just spent several weeks vomiting uncontrollably and trying to safeguard the baby they are growing.

It’s also pretty heartless to pile venom on an expectant mum, however famous – or accustomed to it – she might be. Recent anecdotes from stars like Pink and Chrissy Teigen confirm that they never get used to this kind of nastiness, and that it truly does take its toll.

Here’s hoping the trolls bugger off and Kate is left to recover and bloom without their mean commentary in her ear (or on her phone).

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