Pebel Nap Sac turns a portable cot into a cosy cocoon


I never had a good relationship with our portable cot. If ever I was lucky to not damage digits putting it up, trying to fit sheets and blankets was a nightmare. Then just when you think you’ve got it sorted, add a wriggly baby to the mix and you end up with sheets bunched up and a baby sleeping on a slippery nylon mattress base. If only Nap Sac was around back then to save me all the drama.

The folk at Pebel embrace frustration-free travel bedding with the Nap Sac, designed especially for a portable cot. No more loose sheets or blankets on that dreaded slippery portacot base, the lightly padded Nap Sac fits snugly right over it and is fixed into place with velcro tabs. The Nap Sac can be used for children aged from six months with the top folded over and snapped securely down and safely into place or zipped right up for older children. Genius!

Designed and handmade in Tasmania, the Nap Sac is made from pure cotton fabric and is completely machine washable. Available in pink, red, navy and black polka dot and priced $160, you can get yours from Pebel.


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