Why are parents paying hundreds of dollars for this doll?

It’s the doll that offers the possibility of a peaceful night’s sleep for babies and parents – and they’re willing to fork out big bucks to give it a go. Australian mums are paying up to four times the $100 price tag just to get their hands on a sold-out Lulla Doll – which plays a recording of a mother’s heartbeat and breathing. 

The Lulla Doll was originally a crowdfunding project, limited to 5000 dolls which were sold around the world, including Australia. Once those 5000 units were exhausted, mothers began searching selling sites for Lulla Dolls – and a quick search on eBay uncovers dozens currently up for auction. Second-hand and new Lulla Dolls are selling for more than $300.

lulla doll ebay

So, what makes them so appealing? According to Icelandic company RoRo Care, which created the dolls, they imitate the closeness a baby feels with its mother, through soft materials and the real-life heartbeat and breathing recordings.

Lulla Doll from Roro Care

The dolls appeal to all senses, with the face created to be gender and race neutral, and the fabric of the doll able to absorb a mother’s smell if she keeps it close to her skin before giving it to her baby.

Roro has been taking pre-orders for Lulla Dolls, and a second rollout was due late last month, but as yet Australian retailers are still reporting they are without stock. If you’re willing to wait until August, you can snap up a Lulla Doll on Indiegogo for US$71.

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