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I remember her tiny little legs poking out of her nappy, they were almost like twigs. I nervously waited for the midwife to return and administer the hepatitis B injection in my newborn daughter’s thigh. By this stage we’d already signed an agreement for it to be given to her – did we do the right thing? We were sure we’d made the right decision but I was still in a post-birth haze and overwhelmed.

It’s not that easy to know what to do when you’re sitting in a hospital, waiting for the arrival of your newborn or cradling the tiny human that was tucked up inside your belly just the day before. It’s stressful. People are telling you all sorts of information and it’s hard to process it all.

Steadfastly confident we wanted our daughter to be protected from the wealth of nasty and often life-threatening diseases out there, we didn’t hesitate to agree to our baby’s first vaccinations. But any decision that affects the welfare of your child deserves thorough investigation, including discussions with your healthcare professional.

We relied on our child’s personal health record and a fridge magnet to remind us when to investigate the dates of our local council’s next vaccination day. While it told us the age our baby would need to be before having her scheduled vaccinations, there was no information to tell us why.

Easy to understand facts on vaccination, with real stories, can be found at Vaccine Hub. Not clunky and heavy with technical information like some immunisation websites, the site details facts related to vaccination and can help new parents easily make an informed decision.

A baby girl with her mother at an appointment with a doctor getting her immunization, vaccines, and shots.

Risk factors and symptoms and facts on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of preventable diseases can be looked up on Vaccine Hub.

Vaccine Hub is designed to make it a little easier for you and your family to get the facts on immunisation. The website information should be combined with the advice of your local health care professional, but the site is becoming a go-to destination for the latest health information for your baby from birth and will be regularly updated with breaking news and seasonal information.

The vision of Vaccine Hub is simple and hard to dispute – a world where no-one dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.

The Victorian Government is getting tougher on parents of children who are not immunised. Pre-schoolers will be banned from attending child care or kindergarten next year unless they are vaccinated and the Australian Government has made moves that immunisation requirements will apply to children of all ages for child care benefits and rebates. If the legislation is passed, conscientious objection will be removed as a reason for not getting your child vaccinated.

Now is the perfect time to read up on trustworthy immunisation information that until now has been tricky to find.

(This is a sponsored post for Vaccine Hub which is owned and managed by Sanofi Pasteur)

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