Parenthood summed up in 10 laugh-out-loud comics

comics about parenthood

Mums and dads, welcome to your life… in comic form. Talented greeting card artist and dad of two, Brian Gordon has delved deep into the world of parenthood with a series of illustrations, featuring a family of ducks. Come and share a laugh at what kid-wrangling looks like in the comic world.

Fowl language Comic mealtime

If you’ve ever tried to explain the joys of parenthood to someone who isn’t a parent, show them these adorable comics instead.

Fowl Language comic vocab lesson

Gordon, the man behind Fowl Language Comics, provides us with the perfect graphic representations of being a parent – chaotic situations, frustrating questions, hilarious realisations and even sweet and fleeting moments that we are sure to miss when the kids have grown up.

Fowl Language comic siblings

The star of the show is Dicky the duck, who spends most of his time tussling with his two children, his yellow duck son and his pink duck daughter.

Fowl Language comic dressed

Gordon explains, “My comics are largely inspired by my struggles as a parent”. And it appears his daughter, who is clearly allowed to dress herself in the mornings, is quite the little firecracker. I feel your pain, Brian.

Fowl Language comic cool

Gordon tackles all the great moments in parenthood, from toilet training to dinner dramas.

Fowl Language comic naps

He even ponders over how anyone in their right mind could hate naps. It’s a question I often wonder myself! I mean, hating broccoli, I can understand. Even hating homework. But naps????!

Fowl Language comic long weekend

Gordon, who claims he has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was in kindergarten, is best known for his Chuck and Beans webcomic but has also done work for Mad Magazine and greeting card giant, Hallmark.

Fowl Language comic sleep1

Fowl Language comic sleep2

His Dicky the Duck series, however, is definitely building him a decent following, especially among sleep-deprived parents around the world. His Facebook page boasts more than 500,000 likes and he adds new comics every week.

Fowl Language Comic Bedtime

We look forward to seeing what new adventures Gordon comes up with for his lovable and extremely relatable duck family.

If you are a fan of comics, then make sure you check some more parenting comics that we absolutely love, including this hilarious breastfeeding comic and another funny father’s take on toddler taming.

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