Parenthood firsts that matter most – from 0 to seven in 60 seconds

Parenting is a wild ride filled with plenty of incredible moments and firsts. Whether you’re impatiently counting down the days until your little one makes a grand entrance or you already have a car full of children, this video touches on what makes the journey through parenthood so special.

Recently Britax Safe-n-Sound released such a touching video all about the firsts of parenthood that we couldn’t help but share it!

And here are 10 of the parenthood firsts that we think you’ll never forget:

  1. The first time you hear your baby cry – knowing he has safely entered the world is such an incredible rush and hearing that cry can bring an overwhelming sense of relief that yes, you did it. Yes, he is here. And yes, he is safe.
  2. The first time your child recognises you – and reaches out with her little hand to grab on to yours.
  3. The first car ride home from hospital – and that amazing yet anxious feeling of knowing that you are now responsible for a teeny tiny human being.
  4. The first smile – and the countless smiles, giggles and bursts of laughter after that.
  5. The first special occasion – birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even the first Easter is more exciting when you have a little one celebrating it with you.
  6. The first step – as wobbly as it is, this is such an exciting moment for your little one and marks a new chapter in his life.
  7. The very first word – and every single one after that.
  8. The first sleep through the night – and welcoming the feeling of being refreshed in the morning.
  9. The first family road/camping trip – and all the hilarious memories that come with it. Remember the car ride games and the first fish caught, the complete and utter disarray of the campsite and the first time roasting marshmallows on a fire.
  10. The first day of school – You will never forget your feelings of sadness and pride as your little boy or girl starts school. It is such a bittersweet moment for everyone!

There are even more firsts as your child grows up – first day on the job, the first love and the first time you discover you will be a grandparent.

And, of course there are plenty of other ‘firsts’ that aren’t always so pleasant! The first scraped knee, the first trip to emergency, the first fight, the broken heart – just remember, no one said the road to parenting was a smooth one. These bumps along the way are what shapes the journey for your family.

Whether you’re a new or expecting parent, or already on this incredible road, we wish you and your family all the best in the journeys yet to come.

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(This is a sponsored post for Britax Safe-n-Sound)

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