A Parcel of Courage app teaches kids through interactive games and stories

We’ve noticed the best way to teach a kid something is to make a game of it. The app A Parcel of Courage is such good fun, pre-schoolers won’t have a clue that they’re doing work.

A Parcel of courage lanterns

A Parcel of Courage is an interactive picture book and game app for iOS devices and Android. It’s developed by Moona Group and based on the Montessori and Shichida teaching methods. Shichida is a right brain teaching method focusing on imagination and creativity, and a key Montessori principle is “help me do it myself”.

The story follows Alex, a little boy who longs for a visit from his grandparents who live far away. His grandmother is afraid to fly, and Alex works with his mum to to figure out how to get them to visit. The pair use a map and all kinds problem solving methods. Hint: chocolate cookies play a key role in the narrative.

A Parcel of courage kitchen

The story can be read by a narrator, or kids and parents can read it themselves. The story is lovely and engaging with beautiful illustrations, but the best bit is the games. Kids learn counting, simple addition and subtraction through a lunch game played with Alex’s grandma. Pattern recognition is taught through the stamp game where kids repeat a pattern sticking stamps on a letter. There’s also a spatial awareness puzzle where kids have to get items fitting neatly in a suitcase.

A Parcel of courage map

A Parcel of Courage is available in the App Store or on Google Play. There’s a free “lite” version and the full version is $4.49.




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