No more panty liners or breast pads with Modibodi women’s and maternity underwear

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When women make up 50 per cent of the population, it’s a mystery how things like periods or weak bladder control are taboo.

Kristy Chong decided to tackle the stigma by creating Modibodi underwear – fashionable, comfortable undergarments designed to keep the wearer dry and fresh all day. See you later, panty liners.

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Show of hands if, thanks to your beautiful babies, you wee a little when you sneeze. Maybe period leaks give you so much anxiety, you wear a checked shirt tied around your waist in the style of Alicia Silverstone circa 90s Aerosmith videos. Kristy, a mother of three, was familiar with these problems, and after speaking to friends and family, realised she wasn’t alone. So she created Modibodi, a line of underwear to solve these problems and ultimately empower and liberate women.

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Modibodi underwear uses two technologies that were developed over 18 months and through hundreds of tests. The Modifier Technology removes the need for panty liners for protection against discharge or weak bladder control, and it also works as a backup for tampons or menstrual cups. The natural top layer wicks away moisture to the absorbent middle layer. The bottom layer is leak proof.

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The Modifier Air Technology is great for exercise and means the wearer doesn’t need to worry about sweat or odours. The gusset is moisture wicking, quick drying and antimicrobial.

The collection includes underwear ($20.50-$35.50) in classic nude or black, as well as active, maternity and seamless underwear, all in a range of styles. There are also sweat proof sports bras ($34.50)  and the absolutely brilliant leak proof Maternity Breastfeeding Singlet ($69.50).

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Not only do these undergarments give you peace of mind, they eliminate the need for disposable panty liners and nursing pads which cost a fortune and end up in the landfill.

You can buy Modibodi online, and shipping in Australia costs $5.

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