Panorama Acrylic Cot brings contemporary art and beauty to the nursery

Artist Bill Eastman has been designing for The Land of Nod since forever, but the Panorama Acrylic Crib is surely one of his masterpieces.

It’s tricky to do something fresh with the traditional cot design, but the Panorama Acrylic Crib ($1373) is a modern furniture piece that looks like it was plucked from the glossy pages of a design magazine.

Land of Nod Panorama Cot WHITE

The clear acrylic side panels of the cot open the piece visually, making the nursery look less cluttered and chaotic. And if you’ve been a parent for a while, you know that a large part of your job is keeping the clutter and chaos at bay.

This piece isn’t just pretty, it’s also versatile. The mattress can be set at three levels as your baby grows and gets big enough to make escape attempts. When he’s succeeded at a couple of jail breaks, the side comes off and the cot becomes a toddler bed.

Land of Nod Rotunda Table

Bill Eastburn has a long history with the Land of Nod, and we have plenty of favourites in his collection. The Rotunda Play Table ($548) is a gorgeous piece with an open area underneath to store toys and secret stashes of sultanas. Good for families living in small, multi-functional spaces, the Rotunda Play Table also makes a lovely coffee table.

Land of Nod Cubby Cubes

Our favourite design is one of Bill’s first: the simple, colourful, modular Cubby Cube Shelves ($67-$108) that can be mounted to the wall in any configuration or used as singletons for bedside tables.

A few of the pieces in Bill Eastburn’s collection ship to Australia, and happily, the Panorama Acrylic Crib is one of them. Fill out the international order form to get a shipping quote.

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