Panadol recalls children’s medicines after allergy concerns

Three batches of Children’s Panadol have been recalled amid fears that they contain tiny amounts of ingredients that may trigger allergic reactions in some children.

The Department of Health recall yesterday affects two batches of Children’s Panadol strawberry suspension and one batch of Children’s Panadol orange suspension. All batches of the medicine are for children aged from 5 to 12 and carry a February 2018 expiration date.

“It has been identified that an ingredient used in the manufacture of these medicines may have been contaminated with small particles that could contain trace minerals and inert fibres,” a statement from the government’s Theraupeutic Goods Administration says.

“The quantity of these particles would be small and they may not be visible in the product. If this occurs, there is a very low risk of allergic reaction and there is also potential for the medicine to be less effective over time.”

The affected batch numbers are:

  • 136418 (strawberry flavour)
  • 136444 (strawberry flavour)
  • 136443 (orange flavour)

Panadol recall 1

The batch number and expiry date are located at the bottom of the bottle label and embossed on the base of the outer box. All bottles are 200ml.

No other batches, bottle sizes or products are affected by the recall.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Panadol,  today released a statement to Babyology reassuring its customers.

“This recall is a precaution to avoid any potential for the product to cause an allergic reaction in a child and/or to adversely impact the product shelf life,” the statement says.

“The particles may not be visible in the product and we have not received any complaints concerning these batches.

“Providing quality products and consumer safety are always our top priority and we want to ensure that consumers only have access to the best quality medicines.”

If you have a bottle of Children’s Panadol 5-12 years suspension, check the bottle label or the base of the outer box to see if it is from batch numbers 136418 (strawberry flavour), 136444 (strawberry flavour) or 136443 (orange flavour).

People can return the medicines to the place of purchase for refund. Anyone with concerns can call GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia on 1800 028 533.

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