Paediatrician sets it straight: In my practice you will vaccinate

A paediatrician’s blunt message for parents goes viral (again), because parents still aren’t seeing straight when it comes to vaccination.

With falling immunisation rates, highly-contagious diseases like measles are on the rise. And one Californian paediatrician,Dr. Mike Ginsberg, is making a stand against parents who have a “magical belief” that’s it’s OK to skip vaccinations. He posted a no-nonsense message for all of his patients on Facebook back in 2015, and it quickly went viral. Now his message has gone viral again when it was re-shared on Imgur.

Not putting up with it

The science is real: following the recommended immunisation schedule helps protect children against harmful diseases and reduces the spread of disease. But a scary number of parents are still choosing to craft their own delayed vaccination schedules for their children, with no medical proof to back them up.

Dr. Ginsberg (aka Good guy mike) slammed this thinking in his post, saying “in my practice you will vaccinate and you will vaccinate on time. You will not get your own ‘spaced out’ schedule that increases your child’s risk of illness or adverse event. I will not have measles-shedding children sitting in my waiting room.”

A bit of perspective

Dr. Ginsberg basically said what every immunisation-adherent parent has been wanting to say for years now. And with worrying new outbreaks of measles in Australia this year, it’s a message that has to be repeated again (and again). 

As Dr. Ginsberg points out in his post, he sees children everyday who are suffering from complex congenital heart disease, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and “patients who have true special needs and true health issues who could suffer severe injury or death because of your magical belief that your kid is somehow more special than other children.”

Wow. That’s one way to put anti-immunisation arguments into perspective. And a timely call to parents to drop the individualistic hoopla and start focusing on the needs of a whole community of children.

A few final words

Here in Australia, the National Immunisation Program Schedule advises that parents follow a strict immunisation program from birth to four years, with additional school program vaccines between the ages of 10 and 15.

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where a few simple jabs can protect our children for life. And for those parents who are still wavering, Dr. Ginsberg has one simple message: “This pediatrician is not putting up with it. Never have, never will.”


What do you think of Dr. Ginsberg’s message? 

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