Underpants for your period exist – and they’re kind of incredible

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Straight from the who even knew files, I bring you Thinx period pants. No more fussing with tampons, sanitary pads or menstrual cups – just wear your Thinx knicks and be on your way!

Anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, leak resistant – these are all huge demands on a pair of undies – but a walk in the park for Thinx. These might be your most tech advanced undies to land in your smalls drawer yet ladies. Completely reusable, just wear, rinse, wash and dry these undies and ditch the landfill of female hygiene products forever.

Before you reel away in horror at the thought of no tampon or sanitary pad back up, hear me out. Thinx reassures their customers their period pants aren’t like a nappy, nor do you feel as though you’re sitting in a pool of your own menstrual blood. In fact, you will feel dry all day long, no matter if you’re a heavy or light kind of girl.

There are six Thinx period pant styles to choose from. Hiphugger, hi-waist, boyshort, sport, cheeky and a thong will see you through your period without any drama. Choosing which style will best suit your needs will depend on your flow, and Thinx supply an awesome guide. I know, genius.

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Available in sizes XS to 3XL, you can order Thinx period pants direct from Thinx. Prices start at US$24.






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