Paade Mode – designer children’s clothes made for adventure

Paade lace apron

Kids grow up fast. One moment your baby boy is fast asleep on your chest, all pink cherub lips and silky baby hair, and the next he’s brushing a ridiculous Bieber fringe out of his eyes and refusing to wear the perfectly nice shirt you bought him.

As parents, we owe it to ourselves to take advantage of this short, sweet time and dress our kids in the cutest ensembles while they’ll still let us.

The quest for said cute ensembles leads us to Paade Mode, Latvian designers of the most darling, smart casual children’s clothing. Paade Mode partners with craftsmen, ateliers and local studios to handmake its products ethically. Think prettily embroidered dresses and tops, or pleated linen shorts (€50), and you’ve captured the old-fashioned charm of Paade.

Paade Pleated Linen Shorts Bilberry Blue

Paade shapes and colours are classic, but they’re not stuck on the idea that pink and purple are only for girls and blue only for boys. Boys’ blazers (€100) come in a lovely deep violet and pale dusty rose, and yet they look just as boyish as snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.

Paade Violet Blazer

The linen dress with meadow flowers (€115) is unmistakably feminine with its dainty embroidery and matching lace apron (€62).

Paade embroidered dress

To our modern eyes, Paade’s clothes may look on the formal side, but a loose pair of linen trousers or a beautiful flouncy dress allows for just as much playful movement as a pair of trackies and a hoodie, and has 100 times more beauty.

Paade toasted marshmallows

Paade clothing is available from the website and ships to Australia for a flat rate of €20.

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