Outrage after family surrender ageing dog: ‘She barks and wakes up the baby’

ina the chocolate labrador

A US family are facing a barrage of criticism after they surrendered their dog to a shelter because she disrupted their baby’s sleep.

Noisy pupper

South California-based Priceless Pets posted an image of the 11-year-old chocolate Labrador to Instagram with a backstory about why her family had given her up.

“Yesterday was a tough day for Priceless Pets… Meet INA, she’s a 11 year old chocolate lab who was surrendered because she ‘barks and wakes up the baby.'”

The rescue staff were as heartbroken as this downcast dog, feeling the family in question offered a “small reason” to part with a beloved pet. 

“Eleven years of giving her family all the love, dedication and heart she could and then she is discarded for such a small reason. We are heartbroken, she’s heartbroken and worst of all – she’s alone in a kennel wondering what she did wrong during her golden years of life. We hope she can find a family who will love her through her older years,” Priceless Pets wrote in the caption of Ina’s photo.


“That’s literally the worst”

Animal lovers and kind-hearted types were outraged. They could not believe that someone would surrender a dog under these circumstances and were baying for blood (and offering to adopt Ina, too.)

“What a beautiful dogo! Humans make me so angry sometimes,” one follower wrote.

“That’s literally the worst. How. How in any way could you give up a pet you’ve had that long. My dog died when she was 14. I’d kill to have her back. People are selfish,” another posted.

“These people make me sick. I hate them. Who would do this to the poor baby?” a commenter asked.

“Please don’t bash these parents”

Not everyone was outraged. Some pleaded for compassion and pointed out that this may have been the hardest choice for an exhausted family:

“I know it’s upsetting for the dog to leave it’s family, but getting rid of the dog probably wasn’t the family’s first choice. If I had a dog for 11 years, getting rid of it would break my heart. But at some point, it gets too difficult to keep it. If you’ve ever lived with a barking dog and a baby, it’s difficult. It’s sad that the dog had to leave, but please don’t bash these parents. Try to understand and put yourself in their place,” one concerned follower pleaded.

It’s plausible that desperate, sleepless parents at their wits’ end might find themselves making very tough calls in the name of their own sanity.

We’re wondering if this happens more than we realise as mums and dads struggle with the duelling demands of pets and babies – and whether the parents were in a position to seek out professional advice before giving up their pup.


View this post on Instagram

Okay who is ready for the BEST NEWS EVER?! After I posted about Ina the other day a friend from Southern California contacted me and said that her mom had fallen completely in love with Ina, sight unseen. I contacted @pricelesspetrescue, connected the two of them and THIS JUST HAPPENED 😍🙌😍. They are on their way home now where, get this, Ina's daily walks will be on the beach! Yup, they live only a block away. Her new mom and dad will be home with her every day, and she will have a little senior doggy sibling. So this girl is going to have a better life now than she could've ever imagined. SO MANY HAPPY TEARS!!!!! I will be sure to share lots of pictures and I and am planning to visit her in a view months too. People really CAN be amazing! ❤❤❤ Thank you @pricelesspetrescue for saving her and making this happen! #happydance #adoptrescuefoster

A post shared by The Misfits (and Candice) (@roofusandkilo) on

A home for Ina

The good news is that this story has a fairly happy ending. The Priceless Pets Instagram comment thread led us to dog-lover Roofus and Kilo’s Instagram – and this little story (above) about where the lovely old doggie has ended up.

It looks like – despite her unfortunate rejection – she’s now going to be loved and cared for in her twilight years, thanks to a lovely woman who’s given her a home. Ina will have another older dog as a companion, constant adult company and nice walks on the beach to help soothe her broken heart.


What a complex dilemma this could be, for many overwhelmed families. Have you had issues settling a baby in with a pet? What would YOU do in this situation? 

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