Elsa Pataky on her strong mum bod: “It’s amazing what our bodies can do”

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Patacky

Actor Elsa Pataky – who happens to be married to The Arms aka Chris Hemsworth – has shared a little more about how she keeps her body strong and her mind clear, and she’s hoping to inspire other women to take a leaf out of her book.

“Our bodies are strong”

We’ve got to say, now that New Year’s resolutions are long-forgotten, Elsa’s thoughts are the rev-up we didn’t know we needed!

The mum of three was chatting to Good Housekeeping, and was particularly keen to steer want-to-be-active mums in the direction of working out with weights.

“A lot of women are scared to use weights and bulk up — don’t be! Our bodies are strong and it’s important to take advantage of that. It’s obvious that I love strength training (seriously, give it a try!), but I also incorporate yoga into my routine,” Elsa urged.

“Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned just how strong women are. Seriously, it’s amazing what our bodies can do! It’s a shame if we don’t use our bodies to their full advantage, and I’ve found that I feel better about myself — as a wife, mother, and actress — if I exercise.”

Make the most of YOU!

We know she’s right. Elsa – who is mum to five-year-old India and three-year-olds Tristan and Sasha – says finding time to exercise is a real challenge, but she prioritises it for her own wellbeing and reaps the rewards.

“[It’s hard] to squeeze in a workout while I’m at home because I constantly feel pulled in a million directions between cooking, cleaning, and chasing my kids around the house.”

That said, she’s determined to carve out the time and encourages other mums to do the same.

“Here’s what I know for sure: There’s always time for yourself. Get your kids involved if you have to.”

(We’d like to interject here to point out that chances are Elsa has a little bit of help around the house, but we’re still totally into the concept of mums prioritising mums, to be clear!)

“Me time”

While it’s also obvious that Elsa is extremely gorgeous, she’s pushing “me time”, weight training and building strength for reasons that aren’t purely external.

“Exercise is not only essential for physical fitness but also mental clarity. I’m a better mom and wife because I take this time for myself — and I believe that wholeheartedly.”

We’d venture that perhaps she’s a better person, feeling more at home in her own body and brain, and this has a ripple-on effect when it comes to the roles she plays in life.

It’s a nice reminder that aiming for strength can pay dividends in all areas of life. Not just The Arms!

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