Oops! Gender reveal cake goes horribly wrong

gender reveal cake

baby gender

Gender reveal cakes are a hot trend as parents-to-be look for fun ways to find out the sex of their baby. But there’s one catch – you have to rely on the cake maker to get it right.

First-time parents Natalie and Bell found out the hard way, after entrusting their local bakery with one of two sealed envelopes their doctor had given them containing details of their baby’s gender. They asked the baker to fill the inside of the cake with blue icing for a boy, or pink for a girl, and then organised a party with their family and friends to cut the cake.

And then this happened:

Everyone was ecstatic when they cut the cake and Ben yelled: “It’s a girl!” But confusion reigned a short time later, after Natalie took a photo of the cake to post on social media.

“I noticed when I took the picture that the icing of the cake was kind of light and looked whiteish, so you might not able to tell (the baby’s gender),” she tells ABC News. Ben got out the second sealed envelope and opened it, so that Natalie could place the card saying “girl” next to the cake in the photo.

gender reveal cake

That’s when they realised it actually said “boy”. And sure enough, the card returned to the couple by the baker also said “boy”.

“Natalie almost passed out from being overwhelmed with the news. She was just in complete shock. Everybody was so confused so I had to yell, ‘It’s a boy’, because nobody understood what was going on,” Ben says. Luckily, the second announcement was met with an equally enthusiastic reaction.

The couple says they’ve forgiven the bakery, but aren’t completely seeing the funny side yet. “It’s definitely a memorable experience to have for our first child,” Natalie tells ABC News.

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

Michelle is a journalist and mum to two girls who are obsessed with dinosaurs, fairies, pirates and princesses in equal measure. She lives in Melbourne's east with her husband, daughters and a giant, untameable labradoodle. Michelle loves all things vegetarian, wine (it's a fruit) and online shopping.

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