This onesie is making dads see red and we don’t blame them!

Insulted dads everywhere are clapping back at a onesie design shared by one disgruntled dad on Reddit, proving that it’s high time we stopped perpetuating the myth that fathers are somehow second-class parents compared to mothers.

Dads deserve the same respect as mums

In this day and age, it is a shame that we still need to make fathers feel like they are not as able as mothers are when it comes to parenting their children. This onesie, though intended to be funny, is sadly just another example of the way society belittles a dad’s experience.

Posted to Reddit by user and dad, Voldemort__Putin, the post is entitled “This shirt is bullsh*t” and it shows a photo of an actual onesie for sale with a design that reads, “This shirt is Daddy-proof.” Complete with arrows labelling where a baby’s arms and head should go and the word “Snap” pointing down to the clip fasteners at the bottom of the suit – just in case Dad was unsure what those weird looking things were for.

This shirt is bullshit. from daddit

“The 1950s called, they want their onesie back.”

The post has since gained over 300 comments from dads who are (mostly) gently countering the sexist vibe of the outfit with humour.

“Durr hurr, fathers are stupid!” says one, while another declares “But which end of the baby is the head? My primitive man brain doesn’t understand.”

I did have to chuckle at some of the sarcasm, I’ll admit: “Completely agree. The have mislabeled the genitalia as Snap! Also the gender bias.”

But not all fathers are seeing the funny side, with quite a few feeling more than a little insulted at the whole thing.

Prettyniceguytoo says, “If my kid got this as a gift I’d throw it in the trash. I’d have to consider if I do it right in front of whoever gifted it or after.”

User doulos_Xp summed it up perfectly, saying, “Expected it to actually be funny. I agree, this is stupid. Hate the stereotype that dads can barely hold it together with kids. I am a super involved dad. Like someone else mentioned – we don’t babysit, we parent too.”

Times have changed

Back when dad was considered ‘the breadwinner’ and mum ‘the homemaker’, this kind of joke might have gone down a bit better. But we live in a time when many mothers work and fathers are spending just as much time with their kids as mums are.

Dads struggle every day with this kind of gender bias when it comes to their kids – too many have been told they are ‘babysitting’ their own children. So this kind of joke has really just become insulting. Dads change nappies, tag team the night feeds, love the heck out of their kids and generally rock this parenting thing just as well as mums do.

It’s time we stopped the jokes and showed dads that we acknowledge and appreciate the role they play in our (and our children’s) lives.


Have you ever experienced this kind of gender bias towards dads? We’d love to hear your stories.

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