The one parenting life goal you can kick quickly and easily

mother wearing baby in sling cutting vegetables in kitchen

Caring for small children can mean you don’t have many tangible achievements in your day. Lots of the important jobs that you do will have to be done again tomorrow. So sometimes, we need to feel like we’ve kicked some life goals once and for all.

Of course, some things that actually improve family life are jobs we don’t want to do – like putting on a load of washing EVERY day and then sorting and putting it away when we’d rather be watching Netflix on the lounge. We get it. Life is exhausting with little children – sometimes it’s all you can do in your brief moments of alone time to drink a cup of tea! 

It’s easier to make time for the urgent jobs (like the mountain of washing) – if you don’t do them nobody will have any underwear tomorrow. Often, the more difficult tasks are those that are definitely important, but feel not quite so urgent – and the danger is that we just never get around to doing any of those things, even though they’ve been nagging away at us for ages.  Getting life insurance is definitely one of those tasks. 

Fortunately, ticking life insurance off your Being A Responsible Adult List is easy to do. And it’s affordable for ordinary people too, even if you’re living on just one income. After all, you spend so much of your time and energy caring for and protecting your family – naturally you want to make sure that they would still be well looked after if you weren’t around.

Real Insurance has a suite of products that might be a good fit for your situation, such as Real Life Insurance, which starts at just a couple of dollars a week. For example, the weekly premium for a Single Plan providing $100,000 benefit for a female non-smoker aged 34 is just $1.46!

Does that sound like a parenting goal you could kick right now? All you need to do is visit Real Insurance to find out how.

(This is a sponsored post for Real Insurance. Please consider the PDS available at, Products issued by Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd ABN 37 062 395 484.)

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