The one sentence that sums up exactly why being a mum is so damned hard

No one ever said being a parent is easy. But being a parent should be a lot easier than it is in today’s society. It should be a lot less stressful, a lot more carefree, a lot less worrisome and a lot more forgiving.

And this post from an anonymous mum explains perfectly why it’s not.

The sleepless nights we can handle. The tears and tantrums, we have control of. Even the bouts of gastro, the trips to the ED, the toys scattered all over the floor, it’s all good. It’s what we sign up for when we chose to become parents.

But what makes these things and every other thing about being a mum so hard is the constant criticism, the jarring judgment and the overwhelming loss of confidence that results from raising a child in a society where everyone has an opinion on what is right and wrong for your child.

And it is this strong desire to mummy shame other mums that is resulting in a society of uncomfortable, unconfident and unhappy parents.

It is this message that an anonymous mum posted on her Instagram account and has now been shared countless times over the months as new women enter motherhood. The post is not new and neither is the message, but it sums up exactly why being a mum is so tricky these days.

Please, take two minutes to read it:


moming is hard 1

It seems like there is no way mums can win. Except there is.

Stop listening to outside sources. Trust yourself and your ability as a mum. Stop shaming those who don’t ‘mum’ the way you think is right.

There is no right way to mum. But there is a right way to be a decent human being and it’s by shutting up and letting parents do what’s right for them.

And that’s all we need to do. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, whether you make your own baby food or buy it in a jar, whether you co-sleep, sleep alone or sleep in a hammock in the backyard with the dog, if you’re happy with your decision, then you’re doing the right thing. The end.


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