One MO-ment please: Sonny and Hamish Blake are ready to do your taxes

Hamish and Sonny Blake

The adorable offspring of Zoe Foster-Blake and Hamish Blake has a new metier – apparently trying his hand at a bit of number crunching, because genius, obviously.

Numbers man

Sonny’s dad (the artist formerly known as Hamish) shared the exciting news on Instagram, and it’s plain to see he’s pretty stoked his kid is so nerdy and prodigious.

In a celebratory screen grab uploaded by Blake, the pair sport the very best Snapchat filter in the history of Snapchat filters.

We’re not actually sure what it’s called but it’s part seventies nerd, part creepy truck driver, part Murray from Flight of the Conchords, part Magnum PI. For those playing at home that means it’s all good.



Werk it

This surprising filter combo did not phase this funny pair, because they were way too busy getting down to VIP worky business.

“Me and my accountant just used clause 17.b when we should have used 18.c!!!” Hamish posted.

“Oh boy we laughed. A lot. Aaaaaanyway. Back to the BAS.”

His trusty junior partner just grinned benevolently and thought about maths-y things. Or maybe he grinned and stared at his on-screen self with unbridled admiration. We think the latter, actually.

Pretty sure they headed off to milk and cookie Happy Hour, after this was taken. (No bottoms were photocopied, as far as we know.)

Sonny days

Other things have happened of late in the world of Blake.

Hamish chopped some wood. Sonny ran surveillance. They both worked hard to balance burgeoning creativity, wellness and self care. #TheStruggleIsReal #MuchInspire

The Hamish-Sonny-sidekick show has been a joy to witness via Instagram. We can’t help but think more ace frivolity lies ahead with the impending birth of Zoe and Hamish’s second baby later this year.

Here’s hoping that he/she pops out as funny and Snapchat filter-friendly as their big brother.




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