Olli Ella Nursing Chairs – gliders sent from heaven

Olli Ella Mo-ma

Ollie Ella Nursing Chairs

It looks like the world of nursing chairs is finally beginning to catch up with the advances made with other nursery furniture and all we can say is “It’s about time!” How long have parents been faced with pleather monstrosities straight out of an apricot Eighties living room?

I searched high and low for a beautiful chair in which to feed my first son and ended up sweating through those February nights atop a fifties vinyl-covered vintage chair. It was great when we were dinks – indeed the height of retro chic – but post-baby in mid-summer, all I wanted was a bit of comfort.

They’ve come five years too late for me, but you lucky lactating mamas will be thrilled about the newly launched Olli Ella breastfeeding chairs. They’ve been a hit in their native UK and we’re pleased to tell you they’ll be in stores in Australia this January!

The collection features two styles of gliders and two choices of ottoman. The Mo-ma (below) and Da-da (above) comprise the chair duo with the Mo-ma featuring cut-out armrests and the Da-da contemporary squared-off arms. The In-it Storage Ottoman hides away bits and pieces and would be fab for keeping burp cloths and other feeding accoutrement. The On-it Glider will move in perfect unison with you in your Mo-ma or Da-da Glider chair, making this a supremely restful place to be.

Considering you will spend hours feeding your baby and any siblings who follow, a gorgeous glider is a must. Afterwards books will be shared upon it, silly peek-a-boo games will be played behind it and no doubt several puppet shows will appear above it.

Olli Ella chairs start at AUD$1699, including shipping if you just cannot wait until January for them to arrive here. Choose from eight base colours and eight piping colours to perfectly compliment your decor.

Olli Ella Mo-ma

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