Olivia Wilde shares adorable (and aromatic) way she stays close to her son when away

Being away from your children is never easy. Whether you’re going away for a cheeky weekend, a work-related function or are simply off for a couple of hours, many mums admit to having a special memento to keep them close to their little ones when away.

And celebrity mum Olivia Wilde is no exception.

The actress recently shared what she does to keep close to her son, Otis when she has to be away from him. And we’re pretty sure she’s not the only one who has done this before…

No matter how busy life gets, your kids always come first. This is something Olivia Wilde has always promoted via social media and it’s quite clear that she shares a special bond with her toddler son, Otis Alexander.

However, as all busy mums know, sometimes commitments mean we have to be away. So what does Olivia do to keep the memory of her son close? She rubs lotion on her body to smell like him.

I know, so sweet. And smart. After all, who doesn’t love the smell of baby lotion?


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Olivia recently told People, “[Otis has] been using [Mustela baby lotion] since he was tiny. And actually, when I go away for work and I can’t be with him for a couple of days, I bring a little tub of it and wear it.”

“I don’t know if this sounds super creepy, but I wear it as moisturiser on my arms so I vaguely smell like him,” she adds. “People are probably like, ‘Why does this lady smell like diapers?’ ”


A photo posted by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on

I will be the first to admit that I’ve done a similar thing with baby lotion – it seriously smells so amazing! We all have our little tricks to help us cope when we are away from the kids.

One of our writers travels with her son’s three-year-old baby onesie while another wears one of those tacky-looking loom bands around her wrist that her daughter made her. I have two Minion figurines from Maccas that I carry with me whenever I travel for work or am away from my two minions, just to remind them (okay, me) that even when I am in a different city or country, they are with me in spirit.

So, Olivia, it turns out, you’re not alone. Underneath the work attire, we all hold our own baby reminders and secretly smell like nappies.

What do you do to stay close to your little ones when away from them?

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