Olivia Wilde is not happy about this breast pump ad

olivia wilde vs breast pump ad

Olivia Wilde is being rudely stalked around the internet by this ‘unrealistic’ breast pump ad, and she’s had it up to HERE with the whole gosh-darned thing.


Spam stalked

We’ve all been there. We’ve searched for something or clicked on something momentarily, then lo and behold the very same thing stalks us across Facebook and Google ads for the next 5 years.

Olivia Wilde has been navigating this experience recently and the culprit is this (bestselling) Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra (who knew there was such a thing?)

“Why does Amazon insert breast-pump ads into every single goddamn search I make? I’m no longer in the market for more pump supplies Amazon! Shut it down!” the star posted in frustration.

Insult to injury

Olivia is not only sick and tired of seeing the ad for this apparently amazing bra (that she already owns and loves), it’s reached peak annoying due to the model’s body shape.

She took to Instagram, posting a screenshot of the ad and calling ‘bullshit’ on the model’s “postpartum mum” status.

“Real quick just wanna take a break from online (lazy-person) xmas shopping to call bullshit on this ad for a breast-pump bra cuz this lady definitely did not recently birth a child who requires breastmilk to be pumped. Also want to give a quick cyber hug to this model who had to pretend to have recently birthed a milk-fed baby-child when she clearly has spent the last year lifting tiny weights and meditating,” Wilde posted.

Breastfeeding advocate Olivia is mum to 2-year-old Otis and 2-month-old Daisy, with fiancee Jason Sudeikis.

Jury is out

Wilde’s Instagram followers were quick to weigh in on the post with wildly varying responses.

Some of them refuted Olivia’s claims that the model used was unrealistic. Others agreed with her post wholeheartedly. And some people just wanted to talk about how awesome/fembot-inspired the bra is.

“I have a seven month old giant that I still nurse and I’m not far from looking like this model. You don’t stop breastfeeding immediately after birth. The breastfeeding relationship can last long enough for the baby weight to come off. I didn’t even start pumping until three months (and by then a lot of it had come off). Just sayin’ it’s entirely possible,” one commenter piped-up.

“When I see this ad I am reminded of the Fembots in Austin Powers with the guns that come out of their nipples. I also own this bra and I couldn’t live without it!” Another posted.

Hugs all ’round

Finally, the model at the centre of the post apparently had her two-cents worth, too!

___hilarie @oliviawilde thank you for the cyber hug! 🤗 Looks like lifting tiny weights and meditating really paid off! 😂

Olivia Wilde Instagram comment


What do you think? Is this model pushing unrealistic beauty standards for postpartum mums?

Or is she just minding her own boobie business?


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