Smooch shamed! Olivia Wilde kissed her son on the lips and people got angry

Olivia Wilde

Some people are more concerned with a mother showing love for her child than the worrying state of global affairs. #HeadDesk

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Finding hope in this ❤.

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Smooch shamed

Olivia Wilde’s mum to two cute kids, almost 1-year-old Daisy and 3-year-old Otis, with partner Jason Sudeikis. She posted a gorgeous shot to Instagram last week, and its sweetness is a blip of lovely amidst recent harrowing world events.  

Predictably, hopeful sweetness has not stopped some trolls from finding something sinister in the photo. They’re openly and passionately critiquing this great mum. Who is just snuggling her child. And giving him a smooch. Sigh.

While the majority of Olivia’s Instagram followers responded favourably and fawned over the adorable pic, a vocal few were keen to let the star know that her kiss was – in their eyes – downright wrong.

Heated debate

While some comments have been deleted as the debate unfolded and things got heated, the “no kissing” side had a number of arguments they were keen to table.

Firstly, they thought parents risked spreading herpes if they kiss their kids on the lips:

“It’s gross. That’s how kids get lip herpes. From adult lip kisses,” summed up their general argument. 

Secondly, people thought this peck on the lips was sexual. Um…

“We don’t kiss on the mouth a child. The kid think “mum kiss me like she kiss dad” It’s not normally (sic).”

Some thought the child’s gender mattered in the to-lip-kiss-or-not “debate”:

“This is a boy.” #NoSh*tSherlock

Others still were triggered by the whole kissing thing:

“When my my mom kissed me “more accidentally” on the lips it felt weird to me. Even though I was innocent, I knew that only the adults did that and that made me feel uncomfortable.”

One person said this could cause “mouth AIDS” and another decided this peck was a full-on, romantic pash and was harming her child: “kissing your kid like your husband. It’s not good for him.”

Recurring backlash

It’s so upsetting that people feel the need to project such sinister intentions and outcomes on a perfectly innocent and normal expression of love, but it’s not the first time this has happened.

Hilary Duff dealt with the same vitriol when she shared a photo of herself kissing her son. David Beckham also faced criticism when he kissed his daughter Harper on the lips.

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Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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We have no doubt this issue is going to continue to crop up, as people grapple with their own bias and the things they see in the media, and project this complex mess onto others.

Do you kiss you child on the lips? 

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Official review of Sunday Funday so far. #knickstape

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