Oh yay. Someone made dads a bangle that helps them feel pregnant.

Dad's pregnancy bangle

[Eye. Roll.] In today’s episode of the Wait, What? Files, we’re talking about a newfangled dad bangle. It’s kind of like a Fitbit for baby kicks, and it’s aimed at dads who want to share in the experience of pregnancy with their partners. Because poor dads need more pregnant feels, obvs.

Fibo Bracelet

Bounce beads, bounce!

The wearable is called the Fibo and it works a little something like this:

A pregnant lady wears a special Fibo-complimenting monitoring patch during her final trimester, so as to record her baby’s movements.

The monitor then sends a signal to her fella’s Fibo bangle. This signal controls four beads within the bangle. The beads subsequently move about, attempting to mimic the way a baby moves in utero, in real time.

Its makers hope that it’ll help dads feel more involved in their partner’s pregnancy.

“While the mother gets the first-hand feeling of the little one growing in her belly, the dad can feel a bit left out,” creator First Bond Wearables’s Sandra Pétursdóttir explained to Newsweek.

“The mama is wearing a kick monitor patch – a technology produced by another startup – which detects the baby’s actions.”

Wait, what?

Maybe this is something dads need, we just don’t know…

Are dads wandering around wishing they were being kicked by their baby-to-be? Maybe they are.

Are women monopolising the pregnancy experience and leaving poor dads out in the cold? How very dare they? Stop it right now!

Do dads want to feel the feels of pregnancy for themselves? Who knows?

Are mums hoping they can be closely monitored though their final months by some trumped-up tennis bracelet their partner fiddles with? Possibly… Um.

Just nope

Surely a bangle that tickles a gent’s wrist is going to give him an insight into how it feels to have a human being living inside you, leaning on your nether regions as you try not to pee your pants? Um…

Of course a bangle that pings Mister’s arm when your baby moves in-utero is going to connect him deeper to the child that’s to come? *crickets*

And of COURSE tiny, cheery, bouncy beads on a hairy wrist are going to accurately replicate the movement of a giant somersaulting baby inside a woman’s uterus. Erm.

Wrist tickler

Honestly, there is something about this that’s a bit quietly creepy and controlling and Fifty Shades Of G-o-away.

If dads would like to experience the physical symptoms of pregnancy, maybe they can talk to their partners about it, after they’ve brought them a nice cup of tea and a foot rub?

Or perhaps they could rename this bracelet a ‘snack alarm’ and its bouncing beads could signal a pregnant mum’s need for a fat wodge of cake?

Those seem like much better ideas.

(Still, we’re all for innovation – and love it that a bunch of students came up with this idea, even if we DO think it’s a tiny bit off the mark. Congratulations to them! We look forward to seeing where technology like this will take us in the very near future!)






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